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College Update #2

Hello people! I am home. I am also excited to announce that I created a proper mobile version of the site.

I finished my last final on the 21st of December, so after that I came back home to heal. When I got back my skin was so dry and flaky it was basically the consistency of a croissant. New York air is not good for you.

Some takeaways from my first semester:

  1. I got an eye infection because I left my day contacts in overnight
  2. Our dorm shower is becoming sick
  3. I think I am balding
  4. Burts bees is a terrible chapstick

Ok, first thing. I use day contacts which are supposed to only last one day. But I miscalculated how many day contacts I have left (so I was too lazy to count) and I realized poop! I didn’t have enough for the rest of the semester. So I started wearing one set every two days, but I guess it got out of control because I started leaving them in for up to 5 days. Then one morning I woke up with a SEARING pain in my right eye. I stumbled to the mirror and my eye was totally bloodshot. NONONO! I attended my writing class half blind, squinting and pretending to pay attention. I couldn’t sleep at night because it hurt so much. The next morning I went to the health center in Manhattan to get it fixed. Lesson learned!

Second point. At the beginning of November our shower drain began experiencing difficulties. It drained the water slowly and began accumulating hairballs. By mid-November I was basically showering in a kiddie pool. Within a minute of showering, my shower flip flops were rendered useless because the floor would be submerged in 5 inches of water. I decided we shouldn’t shower in a swamp anymore, so I bought some Drano to clear the blockage. We’ve used up 2 bottles already and the water is going down smoothly so far!


My third point is related to the second point. I feel like my hair is thinning due to stress, thus it is all going down the shower drain and clogging it. I am balding at 18 which is sad. If this trend continues, I will have no hair by the time I am 25. If anyone has any suggestions on how to fix this I am happy to listen.

Finally. New York is a dry place. The air is dryer than the rice at the dining hall. Therefore I bought a Burts Bees chapstick.

What a big freaking mistake. I applied Burts Bees almost every 10 minutes and while it seemed to make my lips slightly softer, THEY STILL FELT PAINFULLY DRY. In fact, it felt like my lips were just covered in candle wax, as if it was INSULATING whatever moisture my lips had left instead of providing more. What a scam! In fact, upon more reflection, the only thing Burts Bees is good at is gluing the flakes of my dead lip skin back to my lips. Really would not recommend. I am using Kiehl’s right now and I feel much better.

This concludes my first semester. I’m considering creating a mailing list to send updates whenever a new post comes out. For educational purposes of course. If you want this feature email me at kristelfung@gmail.com!