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College update #1

Here is the first post in my series of college updates. Sorry for the long wait to all my readers out there, school work is really on my butt right now and there’s always so much to do.

The dining hall food here is destroying my body. I have never eaten so much garbage in my life, despite actively looking for avocados and fruit and spinach. The food has more oil in it than the countries in the Middle East combined. Cooking my own food is no longer an option because for some reason it takes 3 hours to make one bowl of pasta and it takes another hour to clean up. And for some reason we always forget an ingredient or utensil or pan and we end up travelling 10 times up to 3 different dorm rooms and back downstairs to the kitchen. And once we’re done cooking, five of your friends show up downstairs and you end up talking to them for 2 hours and suddenly it’s 2 AM and you realized you haven’t started your essay for writing class and you stay up until 4 trying to finish it but then you check your schedule and you don’t even freaking have writing then next day and life is not good.


Furthermore, I have recently discovered a Gong Cha five minutes away from campus, so Tuesday and Thursday before my morning writing class I do a bubble tea run. That is, I run to get bubble tea, because the store opens at 10:30 and my class starts at 11:00. Pumping my legs, I FLY over to Gong Cha to place my order of Pearl Milk Tea with less ice, or if I am feeling especially happy I get a Strawberry Pearl Milk Tea. Unfortunately, there is something horribly wrong with Gong Cha’s ratio of bubbles to tea. Midway through class, I reach for my drink only to see that ALL THE BUBBLES HAVE RUN OUT yet there is 25% of the tea left, which is completely unacceptable.

bubble tea

Basically, my stomach is screaming for help and I am considering buying a whole broccoli and boiling it in water for my next meal. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

There has also been an interesting incident in one of my math classes. Halfway through the class I began to notice a peculiar aroma of gas. Kind of like petrol. Our professor even brought it up in the middle of the lecture, and she said “I requested a room change because the gas smell in the air is giving me terrible migraines”. Um ok, red flag. But no one was fainting yet so I kind of just brushed it off. Upon leaving the room and walking to the lift, we encounter a man wearing a mask saying the air is unsafe and there are toxic particles in it. And we should not use the elevator because this is where the particles are. WHAT THE HECK? Thank you. Looks like I have been breathing noxious air for the past hour.

Also, for some reason my body wash has disappeared off the face of this earth so I have been using face wash for my body for the past 2 weeks. At first I tried using the hand soap, but my back broke out in a rash so that is no longer an option. Thank you for reading and see you next time.